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Check the weekly pinned thread at r/uBlockOrigin, essentially YT has started tackling adblock more seriously and you pretty much need to update your filters all the time to keep adblock working. However every so often you need to check the instructions as there might be additional steps that you need to follow. Reply reply.Sadly there's currently no single solution that's working for everyone. Yesterday uBlock origin was working for me. Today I'm getting YT's "waaaah you has ad blocker" warning.looks like the current ID on the pastify is c22661fa, so youtube have done another fix. the adblock detection is working and blocking video in the uk rn. y'all are working so hard to help all of us, and you should be proud of your work, but it damn well sucks how hard youtube is making this for you and for all of us.

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How to update Filter lists: Click the 🛡️ uBO's icon > the ⚙ Dashboard button > the Filter lists pane > the 🕘 Purge all caches button > the 🔃 Update now button. Updating Filter Lists within uBO. 4. Disable all other extensions AND your browser's built-in blockers. <== No need to uninstall, just disable them.The best privacy online. Browse privately. Search privately. Brave is on a mission to fix the web by giving users a safer, faster and more private browsing experience, while supporting content creators through a new attention-based rewards ecosystem.Be the first to comment. Nobody's responded to this post yet. Add your thoughts and get the conversation going. 1.1M subscribers in the youtube community. r/YouTube is for discussion about YouTube. This is a fan sub, not run or owned by YouTube!

System: Adguard + custom filter list (Hagezi) Browser: Firefox + ublock origin (it needs to be set-up correctly so that there is no problem even with youtube detection) + local cdn . App: YouTube ReVanced. reply. Timber___Wolf. •. The alternative is pretty simple. A single, skippable ad at the start of a video and then another for every 8ish minutes of content viewed. Youtube themselves have admited that they lose 3.4% of their non-adblocking user base to adblock and yet they keep ramping up their ad drive.Updated material ui 5.0.8 - upgraded ad block deps with embedded videos 5.0.0 - complete rewrite of Adblock for Youtube to be compliant with the Google Extension Webstore Terms 4.8.3 - move to direct imports of adblock filterlists 4.8.3 - updated locales, fixed adblock toolbox dependencies 4.5.0 - removed some unused files and youtube ...The popup still happens even when you disable the adblock on the extension? I just want to clarify the issue is the adblocker on ENHANCER that's causing the issue. Anyways if you have it disabled and have the latest version of uBlock or Adblock etc. then you might have another extension I am unaware of interfering with ads; I suggest disabling all extensions …

Fadblock just came out, excellent!, runs in Opera GX as well as Chrome, Firefox and Vivaldi. It's dedicated to blocking ads only in Youtube. But it's not really "blocking" per se, so it's undetectable by YT's algorithm. It just speeds …—- Update: We wanted to take a moment to update our users about ad blocking on YouTube. Our focus is to continue to invest in new, technical ways to block the same ads we always have. And that means we are looking for a long term solution that keeps users in control over their internet experience. ….

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—- Update: We wanted to take a moment to update our users about ad blocking on YouTube. Our focus is to continue to invest in new, technical ways to block …Oct 13, 2023 · Comment [260]. Steven · 2023-10-14 12:34 · # The anti-ad blocking seems to be related to the user who’s logged in to the YouTube website. By right-clicking on the video you want to play and opening it in a Private session (as a logged-out user), doesn’t seem to activate the anti-ad block script and allows for playing the video without ads (for now).I’ll be sure to lick the seal extra sloppy for them too. Download firefox browser, use firefox browser to download ublock origin, use firefox for ad free youtube. More context: these are the filters that were suggested and were previously working but now aren’t.

YouTube is now banning adblockers from the platform. You may have recently seen on videos a new popup that says Adblockers violate YouTubes Terms of Service ...Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Matrix is. You have to see it for yourself - Morpheus-----...

drivers education final exam the only option for you is to use Browser+Adblock method. or have to use something like Luna VPN- that installas root certificate and all your data is in the mercy of their hands. PS. be warned that LUNA VPN was accused of having access to our sensitive data, but LUNA denies it and as per their privacy policy. 4. Reply.Working (11/16/22) Adblock for Hulu. Hi yall, just wanted to put this out there for the people who can't/won't buy the ad-free version of Hulu. I found a chrome extension that mutes and skips all video ads on Hulu. As far as I know, it works great for Chrome. I'm unsure if you can get it on Opera or otherwise. pay parking ticket by license plate philadelphiatitanium modular welding table Published Jun 30, 2023. YouTube is now warning users with adblockers and cutting off access to videos after three offenses. Source: Reddit_n_Me (Reddit) It looks like YouTube is finally cracking ... pick 3 midday ga In today’s digital landscape, there are countless platforms available for content marketing. Two of the most popular platforms among users and marketers alike are TikTok and YouTub... us postal office holiday schedulehobby lobby store portland orautozone gurnee illinois Anti-adblock policies: To be or not to be (October 2023 update) Adblockers are software tools that prevent online advertisements from being displayed on websites. They are widely used by internet users who want to avoid intrusive, annoying, or malicious ads.That said, Chrome and Edge aren't losing ad blockers, they're just getting nerfed. And users of Chrome clones with built-in blockers (Opera, Vivaldi, Brave, maybe others) will fare better as content blocking is the #1 use case for the Manifest v2 features that Google is dropping. Still, by this time next year Firefox is going to have the most ... verizon fios at my address Go to and follow the instructions. Install tampermonkey extension to your browser. This helps install scripts. Then install the script linked on the page and it will block video ads. If your youtube video player is being blocked, disable your adblocker for youtube and the script will block the video ads.Nov 16, 2023,06:34am EST. Updated Nov 16, 2023, 06:39am EST. Share to Facebook. Share to Twitter. Share to Linkedin. The YouTube ad blocker crackdown is well … 2013 toyota fj cruiser trail teamschase bank open columbus daybest obd2 bluetooth YouTube's anti-adblock popup SOLUTION!! Turns out this Adblock built into Enhancer for YouTube is interfering or inferior to uBlock, Adblock etc. & disabling it has removed the popup for me, hope this helps.👍📌 YouTube Anti-Adblock and Ads - November 26, 2023 (Mega Thread) expired Disclaimer: YouTube changes their detection scripts regularly, which means there might be times that you encounter their message.